Blood Pressure Issue in Pregnancy

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    I am 38 wks and my blood pressure is elevated at 148/99, my doctor wants me to wait until 39 wks? What do you think?

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    Patrica Parc

    High blood pressure during pregnancy is a serious concern and can include serious health issues for the mother as well as the baby. This conditions needs to be managed through medications and dietary control measures.

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    Sarah Lopez

    Chronic high blood pressure or hypertension in the pregnant females can lead to the development of “preeclampsia” where proteins are secreted in the urine of the pregnant female. This condition holds serious concerns and can cause complications in the pregnancy.

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    Julia Love

    Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with preeclampsia which reduces the blood flow towards the fetus. The baby can suffer from liver or kidney damage, seizures and even fetal death, which can also lead up to the death of the mother.

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