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    Sarah Lopez

    I have facing severe back cramps from last week. What should i do ?

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    Lyla London

    I am 6 weeks along and have had back cramps for the past week, as if I’m going to have my period cramps. I have no bleeding so I’m not going to worry too much. Thanks for the help and I hope this helps others!

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    Jennifer Ash

    I am just 4 weeks pregnant with #1 and I have had the cramps for 4 days already. At least two of my friends experienced the cramping as well. According to all I’ve read, it’s completely normal as long as you aren’t bleeding. I have some nausea with it, but not vomiting and not overly sleepy yet.

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    Amy Adams

    I don’t have any symptoms, only cramping for the past two weeks. Everybody tells me that is normal because is my first pregnancy and the body is adjusting to something new.

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