Diarrhoea During Pregnancy

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    Oliva Watson

    Is Diarrhoea a normal symptom of early pregnancy?

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    Monica Bellunio

    I had bad diarrhoea with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies in the first 6 weeks. With the 3rd that’s how I suspected I was pregnant. It sure beats throwing up!!

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    Charlize Theron

    I just found out I was pregnant and I’ve been experiencing Diarrehea for the past 4 days. I do believe I’m 4-6 weeks though. So it might vary from person to person, but it’s awfully strange.

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    Angel Ang

    I am 5 weeks pregnant, and have also been experiencing severe diarrhea for the past 4 days. I am nauseated like I’m going to throw up, but it just ends up becoming diarrhea.

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