More than one back to back labour

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    Ellie Locus

    i’m pregnant with my 5th baby. My first 3 labours we’re fine and I coped well with just gas and air. 5 years ago I give birth to my 4th baby. She was the only one back to back. It was the most horrendous painful experience I’ve ever had. I thought I’d die! Baby’s head was at an awkward angle and she got stuck. Her heartbeat dipped 3 times. She needed oxygen but was otherwise okay. I suffered shock and possibly post-traumatic stress.

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    Hazel Jake

    I have 4 daughters and currently 19plus weeks with our 5th daughter. All 4 of my labours were back to back with big babies ranging from 8lb 7oz to 9lb 11oz. The last 1 5yrs ago was the worse really painful but she was my biggest luckily labour was only 40 mints long.

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